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GPS Mapping

MAP Inc, is Leading The Way

If you would like to access your maps online, we will need to send in a request form containing your information. Please contact us at 877.299.MAPS or by email at and let us know you are interested in this service. After your username and password have been activated we will contact you and inform you that your information can be viewed online Midwest Ag Professionals are offering our customers the latest in technology with our GPS mapping system.


  • Pocket-Sized Map Booklet- We will provide a miniature map booklet for you to take into the field to use as a record-keeping tool in your everyday farming operation. By shrinking the map booklet to fit in your breast-pocket, we've found that farmers are more likely to use this tool in the field to track chemical and fertilizer applications and harvest records.


  • Map-Based Acreage Report- You can now write the necessary planting information directly on your field maps, initial each page, sign the instruction sheet and return the report to us. Once we receive the information we will update the information into the system. Due to the visual nature of this process, common acreage reporting mistakes are greatly reduced.


  • Insurance Summary- With the Insurance Summary, we can label APH yield and guarantee information directly on the map.


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