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About MAP, Inc.

"Our focus is to keep farmers farming, and food on the table." 

- Mike Ochs, AFIS

Our Company

MAP, Inc., is located just outside of Jetmore, KS. We provide support for farmers and agents in the insurance industry. MAP insures crops in Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, and Missouri. We are committed to working for farmers and agents, providing top quality service based on individual client needs. Owned and operated by Mike Ochs, MAP strives to provide the utmost service to our customers. With the latest technology and a friendly staff, MAP is ready to be your insurance agency.


Midwest Ag Professionals offers multiple insurance options with a diverse range of companies to choose from. We value helping our customers with the risk management tools needed to succeed in the agriculture industry today. 

  • Crop Insurance

  • Livestock Insurance

  • Farm and Ranch Insurance

  • Homeowners Insurance

  • Vehicle Insurance


GPS Mapping

Midwest Ag Professionals continuously offers our customers the latest in technology with our GPS Mapping system.

  • Pocket-Sized Map Booklet

  • Map-Based Acrege Report

  • Insurance Summary

  • Wall Map

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