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We have several companies to choose from!

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Final Plant Dates
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Crop Insurance Prices
About Us

MAP, Inc. is located outside of Jetmore, Kansas and provides support to farmers and agents in the insurance industry. MAP, Inc. insures crops in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, Arizona and Missouri. 

See you at the show!

MAP, Inc. wants to be seen! We travel throughout the state of Kansas to a variety of farm shows and conferences. Come see us at the show and get a free wall map of your farm! Go to our calendar to find all upcomming farm shows. 

Find us at the racetrack! 


Ochs Racing


MAP, Inc. is owned and operated by Mike Ochs. Ochs is also part owner in Ochs Racing. Ochs Racing is a sprint car race team that started in 1980 and is located in Jetmore, Kansas. The team competes across the midwest in the 410, 360 and 305 divisons. 

We enjoy our MAP family! 
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